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0000268 [PDFedit] =Other (GUI)= major sometimes 10-07-08 16:27 08-14-09 08:59
Reporter hockm0bm View Status public  
Assigned To bilbo
Priority normal Resolution reopened  
Status assigned   Product Version CVS
Summary 0000268: bad inserted text orientation on rotated page
Description Text doesn't have correct orientation (same as the current page orientation) when the page has different than 0 rotation.
Additional Information See attached document which has landscape orientation and text is inserted in down-to-up orientation.
Attached Files  evince-print.pdf [^] (28,886 bytes) 10-07-08 16:27
 out.pdf [^] (27,855 bytes) 10-07-08 23:16

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10-07-08 17:36

Jozo, could you have a look
10-07-08 23:15

I have rotated this pdf so it has "0 rotation" but even then it is impossible to insert fitting text.

(you can try it with the attached out.pdf)
07-13-09 00:32

wait for qt4
08-13-09 01:27

thx to add_text i was able to reproduce on win32. the problem is that specific Tm (text matrix) is used when outputting text. the only solution i see is to go through the contet stream and try to find most likely Tm and use it (maybe guess it during content parsing).

however, add_text has to export the Tm matrix as well to allow aribtrary rotation, skewing etc.

will think about the add_text parameters and implement it shortly. can be verified afterwards using add_text tool.
08-13-09 16:39

i commited patch for this bug. it guesses the Tm by iterating through pdf operators and setting last Tm.

it will not work on pages where multiple directions are used; becasue of this, addText function will be extended with generic parameters in near future but it is out of the scope of this bug

NOTE: GUI does not use this so only add_text tool is available.
NOTE#2: will release tools in near future with this fix
08-13-09 17:51

Please don't closed as resolved because this is still not fixed for GUI.
If we close it now, we can easily lose track of it for everything else but tools.
08-13-09 17:53

keep it open until we replace current scripting version of addText by the kernel version
08-14-09 08:59

martin, now it is up to you.

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