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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000397 Compilationblocknew02-08-17pdfedit 0.4.5 fails make with errors at moc_qsacompletion.cpp & moc_qsabrowser.cpp on OSX 10.5.8 (intel)
   0000396 =Other (Commandline)=majornew06-10-16Text with (brackets) not edited correct
   0000395 Installationblocknew04-09-16Problem is with 0.4.5-2
=Other (GUI)=
trivialconfirmed02-25-15Open icon is hidden after the start
   00003936Help Windowcrashresolved (misuj1am)05-26-14When editing a scanned document saved in pdf format, the software crashes
   00003941Help Windowcrashnew05-05-14Software deletes selected text in a downloaded (internet) pdf document, but saved/edited pdf still has the text
   00003854Option windowfeaturenew05-01-14Crash when trying to edit/change a text.
   0000392 =Other (Commandline)=crashnew01-15-14pdfedit Crash when trying to add a text.
   00002455Installationminorfeedback (hockm0bm)12-16-13configure: error: Could not link against ! Any idea ???
   0000391 =Other (GUI)=minornew07-31-13
=Other (Kernel)=
majornew07-26-13Erroneous Processing of hex strings in PDF Outlines
   0000388 User documentationtrivialnew07-23-13dead links for images
   0000387 =Other (GUI)=crashnew03-11-13pdfedit crash on fedora 18
   00003833Installationblockresolved (hockm0bm)02-17-13cobject2xpdf.cc fails to compile in 0.4.5 on openSUSE
   0000386 [GUI]
=Other (GUI)=
featurenew01-18-13miss Windows icon
   0000384 Installationblocknew11-28-12cobject2xpdf.cc fails to compile in 0.4.5 on openSUSE
   0000380 =Other (GUI)=minornew10-03-12Pdf Editor v1.13 Originally created by Eva Peskova
   00003791Installationblocknew09-10-12compile errors Fedora 17 64 bit pdfedit-0.4.5
   00003829=Other (GUI)=minorassigned (bilbo)08-07-12Unable to delinearize files with special characters in the filename
   00003781=Other (GUI)=featurenew04-24-12file -> pages -> page up
   0000377 [GUI]
=Other (GUI)=
minornew03-20-12Contains unsupported TJ operator - Text may not work properly
minorassigned (hockm0bm)02-12-12xpdf code doesn't handle multifile documents
   00003756=Other (GUI)=minornew02-10-12In 0.4.5-2 from Ubuntu 11.10 modifying PDF makes text disapear
  00003722XPDFmajorresolved (misuj1am)02-10-12Cannot display valid character = afterwards unitialised variable
   00003713FileStreamcrashnew02-10-12PDFEdit crashes with "Segmentation Fault" before opening file
   0000376 XPDFmajorassigned (hockm0bm)02-10-12Upgrade to xpdf 3.03
   00003742FileStreamcrashresolved (misuj1am)02-10-12Pdf Editor 1.27 crash pening rotated doc
   00003701CPageminorassigned (misuj1am)05-13-11Page.appendContentStream and Page.prependContentStream seem swapped
  00003182=Other (GUI)=majorconfirmed (bilbo)02-11-11Convert GUI to Qt4
   00003686Page viewblockassigned (misuj1am)01-28-11Scrolling through a large document makes pdfedit to hang
   0000369 =Other (Kernel)=minornew01-25-11Added text doesn't consider the current rotation.
=Other (GUI)=
minornew01-24-11edit page metrics doesn't work correctly for rotated documents
   00003663=Other (GUI)=majorfeedback (hockm0bm)01-20-11Page Metrics change causes loss of text & images
   00003659=Other (GUI)=crashassigned (bilbo)10-20-10PDFedit crash on file load
   0000362 [Kernel]
=Other (Kernel)=
minornew08-25-10pdftoxml doesn't export correct coordinates
   0000361 =Other (Kernel)=minornew07-09-10content stream fails with testset/3_pkcs.pdf
=Other (Kernel)=
majorresolved (hockm0bm)07-09-10CStream::setBuffer incorrectly escapes \
=Other (GUI)=
minornew07-06-10Feature Request - Switch to Next .PDF File
   00003581=Other (Commandline)=majorassigned (hockm0bm)06-14-10For a certain font in a certain document, PDFedit can cause incorrect letters to be shown, but only in Adobe reader.
   00003575Compilationminorresolved (hockm0bm)06-09-10./configure script does not complain about missing png.h
=Other (GUI)=
majorresolved (bilbo)06-09-10Discrepances when a text is added by GUI and kernel
   00003561Programmer documentationminorresolved (bilbo)05-30-10Typo in README
   00003552=Other (Commandline)=minorresolved (bilbo)05-24-10pdfedit refuses to open read-only files
=Other (GUI)=
majorresolved (bilbo)05-20-10Gui is not able to open read-only document
   000030323=Other (GUI)=majorassigned (misuj1am)05-12-10When adding text, the underlying PDF disappears
   00003542Property editormajorresolved (hockm0bm)05-12-10any plan to support korean,japanese,chinese text input?
   00003463Compilationmajorassigned (hockm0bm)05-11-10pdfedit compiles, but fails on Make
minorresolved (hockm0bm)05-11-10XRef::constructXRef doesn't detect stream lengths correctly
   00003524=Other (GUI)=majorassigned (hockm0bm)05-11-10Excessive cpu usage
=Other (Kernel)=
minorresolved (hockm0bm)05-05-10Delinearized PDF Loses Content
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