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I'd like a how to install. I'm crap at compiling and as usual it didn't work for me. I'd really like to try pdfedit, so more help needed.
-- CorLeone (2007-01-17 22:13:13)

you might want to look at "klik". [http://klik.atekon.de/)]

klik offers a uniq service. It is still in pre-alpha stage, but it works already extremely well for PDFedit.

What does it do? It takes pre-compiled packages (.deb, .rpm, $whatever) and transforms them into a "compressed file system image" (.cmg) file. That one single .cmg file then represents your application. You can click on it, and it will start. No need to really "install", no need to "de-install". If you wan to get rid of it, just delete the .cmg file.

And you can copy that single .cmg file to a USB stick, or to a CD-RW, or to a different computer and run it there as well!

Right now, I'm running a PDFedit 0.2.3 on a SUSE-10.0 system without any major problems (despite the fact that it was generated from a .deb "ingredient").

To visit the pdfedit page on the klik server, go to [http://pdfedit.klik.atekon.de/]. It is also interesting to follow the "comments" link, where you can see what other users think about pdfedit+klik. So far, we had about 500 downloads of pdfedit via klik, and

More about klik in the "User's FAQ": [http://klik.atekon.de/wiki/index.php/User%27s_FAQ]
-- (2007-01-26 17:30:14)
How can I edit PDF document's widgets such as check boxes and text areas?

I'd like to populate a PDF file (probably converted to XML) with my set of widget values.
-- cscfpc15.cs.uwaterloo.ca (2007-10-18 23:56:38)
How can I invert colors in a pdf (black background - white text)? I only know how to change the color of text, but not the color of background. Reading white background documents is painful for my eyes (I read a lot of pdfs).
-- AntonioRegidor (2008-06-01 12:42:45)
Well, probably the easiest way will be to turn the color of all text to white and then create a solid black rectangle over entire page and put it in background.

But if you want it only for reading ... perhaps add some "invert document colors" function either to your viewer or to PDFedit.
-- AdminX (2008-06-11 18:49:29)