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This Category will contain links to pages talking about Wikis and Wikis specific topics.

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Having Username in WikiName format is not as easy as it sounds, It refuses to let me Register.

The program for what I need it is perfect, and complements to the programmers.

Request, I have a huge amount of PDF's that was written by one of my previous co-workers under his name. Can you maybe write a script that we can edit the actual file properties?

Let me know how to register. athedra@gmail.com
-- (2009-05-20 01:41:44)
You need to have at least two capital characters in the name. If your name does not fir in this, just use first letter in uppercase and append a capital X, like this: AthedraX

Which file properties you need to edit?

I think it should be relatively easy to write a script that will read files one by one and does some modification on them.
-- AdminX (2009-05-20 03:46:11)
hi , may i know what software is required to convert pdf to xml and in future what will be the benefits for working in a project for pdf to xml conversion : ::pls mail me at championcse@yahoo.com: thank u in advance for ur reply ..!!
-- (2012-05-09 14:22:30)
StasSpb ?????:1. ??????? ???????? ??????? (???? -> ????????? -> regedit.exe)2. ??????? ? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes3. ??????? ?????????: abCourier,0bb="Courier New,204" abArial,0bb="Arial,204"4. ????????????? ??
-- legend7.lnk.telstra.net (2013-02-23 00:05:29)