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Martin Pet??ek
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> Dear sir/madam,
> I am a new user in Fedora Core 6 - i386 -32bit system, after downloaded
> the "PDFEdit 0.4.2" from web, it can not be configured as attacheded ,
> would you help me to solve the problem?
> thanks
> Nixon
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This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

It was created by PDFedit configure 0.4.2, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.61. Invocation command line was

$ /home/nixon/download/configure

## --------- ##
## Platform. ##
## --------- ##

hostname = Hutchison
uname -m = i686
uname -r = 2.6.18-1.2798.fc6
uname -s = Linux
uname -v = #1 SMP Mon Oct 16 14:37:32 EDT 2006

/usr/bin/uname -p = unknown
/bin/uname -X = unknown

/bin/arch = i686
/usr/bin/arch -k = unknown
/usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown
/usr/bin/hostinfo = unknown
/bin/machine = unknown
/usr/bin/oslevel = unknown
/bin/universe = unknown

PATH: /usr/kerberos/bin
PATH: /usr/local/bin
PATH: /usr/bin
PATH: /bin
PATH: /usr/X11R6/bin
PATH: /home/nixon/bin

## ----------- ##
## Core tests. ##
## ----------- ##

configure:1967: checking for g++
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for c++
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for gpp
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for aCC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for CC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for cxx
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for cc++
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for cl.exe
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for FCC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for KCC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for RCC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for xlC_r
configure:1997: result: no
configure:1967: checking for xlC
configure:1997: result: no
configure:2025: checking for C++ compiler version
configure:2032: g++ --version >&5
/home/nixon/download/configure: line 2033: g++: command not found
configure:2035: $? = 127
configure:2042: g++ -v >&5
/home/nixon/download/configure: line 2043: g++: command not found
configure:2045: $? = 127
configure:2052: g++ -V >&5
/home/nixon/download/configure: line 2053: g++: command not found
configure:2055: $? = 127
configure:2078: checking for C++ compiler default output file name
configure:2105: g++ conftest.cpp >&5
/home/nixon/download/configure: line 2106: g++: command not found
configure:2108: $? = 127
configure:2146: result:
configure: failed program was:
| /* confdefs.h. */
| #define PACKAGE_NAME "PDFedit"
| #define PACKAGE_TARNAME "pdfedit"
| #define PACKAGE_VERSION "0.4.2"
| #define PACKAGE_STRING "PDFedit 0.4.2"
| #define PACKAGE_BUGREPORT "BUGTRACKER - http://pdfedit.petricek.net/bt/ "
| /* end confdefs.h. */
| int
| main ()
| {
| ;
| return 0;
| }
configure:2153: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables
See `config.log' for more details.

## ---------------- ##
## Cache variables. ##
## ---------------- ##


## ----------------- ##
## Output variables. ##
## ----------------- ##

PACKAGE_BUGREPORT='BUGTRACKER - http://pdfedit.petricek.net/bt/ '

## ----------- ##
## confdefs.h. ##
## ----------- ##

#define PACKAGE_NAME "PDFedit"
#define PACKAGE_TARNAME "pdfedit"
#define PACKAGE_VERSION "0.4.2"
#define PACKAGE_STRING "PDFedit 0.4.2"
#define PACKAGE_BUGREPORT "BUGTRACKER - http://pdfedit.petricek.net/bt/ "

configure: exit 77
-- (2009-06-10 08:21:02)
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Small banks had vigorously argued that they had no role in the financial crisis, and that they were being subjected to too many regulations written mainly for the larger financial institutions. They may not have gotten a two-tier regulatory structure, championed by Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but they won the regulators’ backing for a number of important concessions.
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Eiderdown – which we snuggle up with inside our pillows and duvets – traditionally comes from the nests of the eider duck, a large sea duck that lives on the coasts of northern Europe, North America, and Siberia. The female plucks the thick down from her own breast and uses it to line her nest. After midsummer the ducks and ducklings head out to sea, allowing the down to be collected.
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But before Brits get too sniffy about this equation between Britain and England, we should acknowledge it's a pretty complicated business and the English are sometimes guilty of the same mistake. A common error is for the British themselves to forget about Northern Ireland by referring to "Great Britain", which is an island, when really they mean the United Kingdom. (The Northern Irish are "British" without being part of Great Britain.)
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-- (2018-10-30 23:16:11)
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-- (2018-10-31 00:24:54)
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"We urge Congress and President Obama to work together to put aside sequestration, address the real drivers of our debt and deficit issues, and avoid slashing the very innovation and investments we need to grow in the future."
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-- (2018-10-31 01:20:23)
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-- (2018-10-31 02:08:35)
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-- (2018-10-31 02:23:00)
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-- (2018-10-31 03:32:21)
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Languages http://conankun.net/page/24/ toprol erectile dysfunction The Pelican Lake Property Owners Association, a nonprofit organization, had long been working to educate its members and lake users about the importance of AIS prevention, so when Rufer received a call in 2009 from a homeowner who reported finding a possible zebra mussel, she was skeptical.
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Brookes was a founding member of the band, which drew on funk, rock and psychedelia and came to be associated with the early 1990s "Madchester" scene. The Charlatans' multiple British hits include "The Only One I Know" and "Can't Get Out of Bed."
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Researchers included significant numbers of men from areas of the country with high gang memberships, such as Hackney and Glasgow East, from areas with high ethnic minority populations and areas of social deprivation.
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A court investigating the disaster has said its preliminary findings show the train was going at 195 kph (121 mph) on a stretch where the speed limit was 80 kph (50 mph) when it crashed July 24 on a tight curve outside the northwestern pilgrim city of Santiago de Compostela. The driver, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, had been talking on a company cellphone to a colleague seconds before the train derailed.
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The council has spent around £500,000 on clearing up mess at the Roma camp in London and on a dedicated community-protection team. Earlier this year, as part of a joint Home Office operation, a number of Romanian migrants were given free plane and bus tickets home.
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-- (2019-05-09 03:23:50)
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She held a press conference 10 days ago featuring the president of the National Organization for Women, who said, "Mr. Weiner does have a problem and his behavior is sexist. Let's be clear: It is not respectful of women."
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Elisha Cuthbert is a married woman! The 30-year-old "Happy Endings" star tied the knot with Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf on July 6, 2013, according to The Journal Pioneer. The Canadian actress and her hockey player beau exchanged vows at St. James Catholic Church in Summerfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and a reception for 300 guests followed at Phaneuf’s nearby home. The pair, who announced their engagement in Sept. 2012, have been dating since May 2008.
-- (2019-05-09 04:49:14)
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-- (2019-05-09 04:49:15)
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Long GRBs, which are the brightest known electromagnetic events in the universe, are also connected with the deaths of rapidly spinning, massive stars. Although such GRBs initially are detected by their high-energy radiation—GRB 130702A, for example, was first located by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope—an X-ray or visible-light afterglow must also be found to narrow down a GRB's position enough so that its location can be pinpointed to one particular galaxy and to determine if it is associated with a supernova.
-- (2019-05-09 04:49:16)
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-- (2019-05-09 04:49:18)
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No formal talks are underway with Alcatel-Lucent, the sources said. One of the people close to the matter said Nokia held "on again, off again" discussions about buying Alcatel's wireless business as recently as late 2012 and that the two companies could still come back to the table.
-- (2019-05-09 04:49:19)
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Cooperman, whose hedge fund had roughly $7 billion in assets last November, took a new position of 31,000 shares in the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer maker after selling 266,404 shares of the company in the fourth quarter of last year.
-- (2019-05-09 04:49:20)
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-- (2019-05-10 08:13:03)
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-- (2019-05-10 08:13:07)
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Oracle also came up with the AC72 yachts, which can hydrofoil across the waves at 50 miles per hour. In May it became tragically clear how dangerous the twin-hulled yachts were, when a sailor was killed in the capsize of the AC72 sailed by Artemis Racing.
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For Germany, the price guaranteed by the government, knownas the feed-in tariff, is an average of about 10 euro cents perkilowatt hour (kWh) over the 20-year life of an offshoreturbine, compared with 6 cents onshore, according to German windenergy agency WAB.
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In the next year, industry insiders say the technology will be available all over-- from banks to airports. That means instead of entering your pin number, you can gain access to an ATM in a blink. Used in an airport, the system will analyze your iris as you pass through security, identifying and welcoming you by name.
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While Kerry said the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons must be complete by the middle of next year, the tortuous U.N. disarmament of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons in the 1990s showed how long the process can stretch out.
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A number of tariffs are designed to take advantage of O2’s new Refresh offering, which aims to help smartphone users upgrade mid-contract. Under the deal, customers pay one price for the minutes and texts they use and another for the phone they want.
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Rudd, who has claimed underdog status ahead of a Sept. 7general election, told reporters on Tuesday there was no doubtthe Australia-born Murdoch was determined to engineer electiondefeat for Labor after six years in power.
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To get the best performance possible on tablets running Windows 8 buyers need to go with full Intel Core processors. That usually drives the prices up significantly, even double that of the iPad or Android tablet. That choice also hits the battery life hard, dropping it from near all day utility to just four or five hours. That's not even close to what the competition delivers.
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She has also laid out a so-called 'optimal policy path' that would permit a bit more inflation than the Fed's 2 percent goal in order to push down long-term unemployment, which she views as even more damaging to the nation's economic health.
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The charm of the show is its sweet simplicity — no special effects, just a basically bare stage and trunk with a few tatty props and an actor who plays a wall. The musical asks theatergoers to use their imagination.
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Shares of the U.S. department store chain have fallen more than 15 percent since Friday, the day after the company announced it was issuing almost $1 billion in new shares to shore up its cash reserves.
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Insufficient funds http://al4a.fun/al4avideos/ al4a mobile Non-traditional activities of banks or insurance companies are ‘prime suspects’. It is hard to point to the shadow banking-like activities which may give rise to future systemic risks conclusively, but one example could be the liquidity services provided by sponsor banks to exchange traded funds, or large-scale commercial bank backstops for leveraged buyouts.
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As the biscuits cool, the syrup should set. Before they cool completely, slice them into fingers or small squares. Try to keep the foil base intact so that when the bars have cooled fully they can easily be lifted from the tin and served.
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The EIA expects U.S. natural gas production will continue to increase, rising a projected 44% between 2011 and 2040, and says almost of this will be due to shale gas. Fracking has economically rejuvenated parts of North Dakota, Texas, Pennsylvania and other states rich in shale deposits.
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On Thursday, activity in October calls almost tripledcompared to Wednesday after the Republicans floated a plan toextend the government's borrowing authority beyond the Oct. 17deadline, while demand for puts remained broadly steady.
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Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited (“Gulf Keystone” or the “Company”) is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Company is registered in Bermuda with further offices in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Algiers, Algeria and London, UK. The Company was incorporated in 2001 in Bermuda and listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange in 2004 (stock quote GKP).
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Attacks have spread to some of the few places left for public entertainment, turning Baghdad into a giant fortified prison of concrete blast walls, where once again few now dare to socialize in public.
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Smith, who will turn 24 on Wednesday, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession and taken to the Santa Clara County main jail. He posted a $5,250 bail and by 12:40 p.m. was on the 49ers' practice field with teammates.
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Children with disabilities http://keandra.in.net keandra Perhaps Scott will re-enact this moment with Adam Schein, the host of “TOPS.” He would have proper motivation. When Schein was a cast as member of SportsNet New York’s Jets postgame show, Scott was his frequent target. Schein’s commentary even strayed into personal territory, such as when he questioned Scott’s intelligence. Or when he demanded Scott “show more respect to the men and women who cover the Jets.”
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Still, it's a fact of life that at some universities – particularly those with scant student housing and limited public transportation – students will need a car to get to school. On those campuses, competition for parking is almost inevitable.
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A quick glimpse of the expanding urban landscapes in Luanda or Lilongwe via Google Earth may tell the president that China, the other great power, has been deepening and broadening partnerships for a little longer and that he needs to hurry up and catch up.
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That’s good news for Blacksone which purchased Hilton in 2007 just before the markets took a turn. The $26 billion purchase looked to be a mistake as the downturn hit hard and real estate prices dropped as well as consumer travel.
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Numerous international poll observers have said they are concerned over the fairness of the current poll taking place in Zimbabwe, while Dabengwa says he believes that the ruling ZANU-PF party is manipulating the electoral process and abusing their influence over the state-owned media.
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"It is inescapable," he said. "The Holocaust is a universal memory. The red line exists because it is impermissible to allow the recurrence of even a small, mini-holocaust of 1,500 people. It causes an unbearable flashback."
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The image both “blessed and cursed” him, said Barbara Haskell, the exhibition’s curator. It’s so famous and so ubiquitous — reproduced on everything from coffee cups to T-shirts without Indiana’s permission — that “it has obscured the depth and breadth of everything else he did.”
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It comes with a 13 megapixel camera and has Hi-Fi playback which LG claims can reproduce “studio-quality sound, far superior to a CD.” The phone answers calls automatically when placed to the user’s ear.
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"My understanding is the move to merge credit and ratesisn't working for Deutsche, particularly on flow," said a seniorcredit trader at another European bank, who has not worked forDB in the past. "But they continue to push hard."
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The video was produced by the British human rights group Reprieve and shot by director Asif Kapadia ("Senna"). "I really want to thank you guys for setting this up and even having the idea to do it," says a clearly emotional Bey after the attempted feeding, which he said was accompanied by an "unbearable" burning sensation in his nasal cavity. "I really didn't know what to expect ... I really couldn't take it."
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While a therapy that targets amyloid may help those with the familial form of the disease, Petersen believes that therapies for sporadic Alzheimer’s may need to be more complicated because more aberrant proteins are involved, as well as vascular disease in some cases.
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Google, which has a market share of over 80 percent in Europe’s Internet search market, told the Commission in April it would mark out its services from rival products in internet search results.
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The team found that patchiness increased more than tenfold when phyotoplankton swam. This research led to the conclusion that the microorganisms might have evolved to develop the ability to actively adjust their swimming speeds to modulate interactions with others of the same species.
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Jeans have never looked sexier than when Lara Stone wears them for Calvin Klein. The Dutch model, who is married to British comedian David Williams, shows off her sun-soaked body as she poses topless and wears nothing but the fashion brand’s brightly-colored jeans in the new risqué photo shoot.
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Benchmark oil for September delivery was down 45 cents to $106.38 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract rose 72 cents to close at $106.83 a barrel on the Nymex on Tuesday.
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When her aging father could no longer live independently in his home, she recalls, he was despondent about leaving behind a lifetime of memories and going to an institution that could accommodate few of his possessions. Jenkins, a Houston psychotherapist, recognized that her dad was engaged in a difficult, but natural, grieving process. Her therapy for her father included placing a tape recorder on the kitchen table and letting her dad say goodbye to his home.
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"Medicare managed-care programs may offer a promising approach to ensure that nursing homes are able to provide appropriate, less burdensome, and affordable care, especially at the end of life," the authors write.
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The students, angry over Napolitano's immigration policies as Homeland Security chief, shouted "undocumented is not a crime!" as they were handcuffed by campus police and led from the room, briefly halting the confirmation hearing.
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A rise in U.S. Treasury yields to their highestin more than two weeks and minutes from the Federal Reserve'sSeptember meeting suggesting that most board members supportedtapering bond purchases later this year also boosted the dollar.
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Hangover symptoms also varied with people's age, with older people reporting fewer hangover symptoms after binge drinking compared to younger people. About 10 percent of men and 21 percent of women ages 18 to 29 said they experienced nausea after binge drinking, compared to 1.5 percent of men and 3 percent of women ages 60 and over.
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Divers were only able to reach "the second compartment behind the conning tower" where three bodies were found "after 36 hours of continuous diving effort", he said, adding that the bodies had been sent to the naval hospital for possible DNA identification.
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Statistically, Paysinger led the way with five tackles and nobody else had more than Connor’s three. “We’re analyzing the linebacker play the entire preseason so that we can get the right people on the field in the right spots,” Coughlin said. “So it’s ongoing.”
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As for favorite stadiums and memories, Rivera threw a bit of a curveball regarding the former. "Fenway. When we go there it is game on. From the first pitch to the last pitch it is game on," said Rivera. He added that Philadelphia sports fans are the toughest -- "Philly is mean man. The things that came out of their mouth. Man, I don't want to go back there again," he said -- but that his favorite baseball memory is also linked to the City of Brotherly Love.
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Age and presumably experience mattered more than genetics for efficient migration, Mueller says. Each bird’s pedigree is known, and closely related birds didn’t navigate in noticeably similar ways.
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